The Ultimate ESO Gold Farming Guide - IGMeet ESO Gold Guide for Beginners

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Playing as a Thief is fun and will net you a nice profit. Opening safeboxes, stealing items, and pickpocketing will help you earn a small fortune.

ESO gold, also known as TESO gold or ESO coins, is the most widely used currency in The Elder Scrolls Online. Players trade gold for goods and services such as mounts, houses, armor, weapons, consumables, bank upgrades, and gear crafting or repairing. Since gold plays an essential part, making gold is a main task for everyone in the game. There are many ways to make gold coins in The Elder Scrolls Online, but some methods are more efficient than others. Furthermore, some expensive loot comes from high-level Veteran Dungeons and Trials. If you are a lone wolf who prefers performing simple activities, this guide can be helpful.


Playing as a Thief is fun and will net you a nice profit. Opening safeboxes, stealing items, and pickpocketing will help you earn a small fortune.

The most considerable profit comes from discovering valuable Motifs while stealing. Visiting newer zones is always better for making gold. To be effective when stealing, a dedicated Thief character is necessary. You will have to invest time and advance a few skill lines, such as the Legerdemain, Thieves Guild, and Vampire skill lines.

Collect Everything

The huge majority of MMORPGs out there have a lot of drops that are simply trash — junk that you don’t even bother picking up after awhile. It’s sort of like finding a penny on the sidewalk — you just ignore it.

Well, if you want to become wealthy in Tamriel, don’t ignore loot drops. For that matter, don’t ignore the plants you come across, ore deposits, wood stacks, Aspect runes, barrels, chests, etc. — search for and collect everything you find. Don’t ignore those pennies!

You can use virtually any item in the world:

Valuable items can be sold for cash.

Armor and weapons (not sold) can be used to replenish broken pieces, or deconstructed for valuable materials and crafting ingredients (not to mention the crafting experience you’ll earn).

Ore, wood, ingredients etc. can be sold or hoarded for your own crafting purposes.

So basically, it comes down to collecting absolutely everything you can, keeping what you need, and selling all the rest.

Highest Selling Materials

The highest-selling golden materials are Chromium Grains and Platings. Current averages on PC show Chromium Grains selling for well above 30K apiece, and Chromium Platings selling for 300K apiece. You can make some solid money this way!

The runner-up is the Clothing golden material, Dreugh Wax, which sell for around 19K apiece. Tempering Alloy (Blacksmithing) sells for around 10K per, and Rosin (Woodworking) sells for around 4K per.

Note that crafting materials have been steadily increasing with time. Be sure to check the regular going price for your materials before selling them on a guild trader!


This method goes hand-in-hand with the Grinding Resources method because you have to harvest enough resources to keep up with the demand. However, this method can also be extremely lucrative; a single level 50 character who completes all seven of their daily crafting writs is assured a tidy 4.6k gold per day. This includes the Jewelry Crafting writs, which you have to earn your certification for in Alinor.

If you’re not at level 50 yet, don’t worry – level 6 characters can start completing daily crafting writs after completing the basic certification quests in Davon’s Watch, Vulkhel Guard, or Daggerfall. The gold reward per writ begins at 215 gold at level 6: its exactly 664 gold at level 50.

Of course, the best way to milk this is to level all eight of your characters up to level 50 and make sure they have all of their crafting certifications. With all of these factors, you can make around 36.8k gold in about 40 minutes, real-time. And your cash flow isn’t necessarily dependant on your progress in the crafting skill tree – you can be terrible at crafting and still complete your daily writs to make money.

However, there are some skills that will increase the returns on your crafting attempts and increase the chance of producing items that will fetch high prices with other players. Alchemy, Provisioning, and Furniture Crafting can make you a tidy sum of gold.

For organization’s sake, pick a city that you always travel to when you’re ready to complete your writs. Some of the best cities for this purpose are Vivec City, Rawl’kha, and Stormhold.

Those are the top ways to make gold in ESO. Generally, to make a decent amount of money in ESO, you need to have time, the required skills, startup capital, and even some knowledge about the game's market. If you are a new player with limited gold-making options, buying ESO gold and items online is a good idea. is a professional seller selling MMO currency. All orders are backed by professional suppliers and representatives, and that is why it is people's go-to place to buy Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold , items, and level boosting for ESO.