WotLK Gold Farming Guide: How to Farm Gold Fast in WoW WotLK

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In our Guide for the best preparation for Wrath of the Lich King Classic we have already summarized what you can do now to prepare for the upcoming Northrend adventure.

In our Guide for the best preparation for Wrath of the Lich King Classic we have already summarized what you can do now to prepare for the upcoming Northrend adventure.

Complete daily tasks

This is the most direct way for players to accumulate wealth. Players can choose different daily tasks every day. The amount of Wotlk Gold brought by them varies according to the difficulty.


If you're unfamiliar with this, it's an auction-style raid where you bid on items dropped during your raid runs. The highest bidder gets the items, and the gold from the bids is put in a pot. The pot value will keep increasing until the bidding is over and then distributed among all members equally (well, unless the organizer takes a special cut).

GDKP runs are one of the easiest ways to get gold. All you need to do is:

Have a high-level alt character that is decently geared

Run with a group that will clear the content faster

Set an overall bid limit for yourself if you are over-geared to avoid overspending.

Setting this limit is important because you don't want to go ahead to spend more gold on a raid and then get back without actually making any gold. You can determine the average payout of the particular run and then set your limit a few hundred gold below that amount. You also want to participate in bidding on items because your chance of getting called back for a run will decrease if you don't.

Level Boosts For WotLK Classic Twinks

Another point in our guide mentioned at the beginning relates to leveling up new “main chars” or (profession) twinks. However, most players don't feel like spending too many hours on the well-known quests. It is much more time-efficient to be boosted by high-level characters in selected dungeons. And because many players know this and are willing to pay for this service, boosters can rake in a large amount of gold with their mages or protection paladins.

Gathering Professions

Gathering is a very simple way to get gold. You basically just need a flying mount, level 80, and time. Mount up and fly around gathering herbs or ore. Skinning requires the death of animals, which takes time, but involves little searching. Take these items and sell them on the auction house on Tuesday (when demand is the highest) for whatever the going rate is on your server.

Of course, there are tricks to get more money out of your resources. You can convert the resources into items with your professions and get more money out of them. Darkmoon Cards sell for a ton and require you to simply mill your gathered herbs and add in some parchment. Glyphs, especially in demand ones, can sell for 20-30 gold while selling the herbs would get you nowhere near that much.

Milling, prospecting, and “enhancing” some resources can produce higher prices as well. For instance, a stack of 20 Goldclover can go for 15g. You can mill it and produce 8 pigment which might sell for 25g. You may also get a rare pigment that will sell for 15g by itself.

The only profession that can’t generate income is Engineering because the only BoE item anyone wants is the motorcycle. That thing takes so much to put into that it’s not worth the time to even try to sell.

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