Best Class for Farming Wrath of the Lich King Classic Gold 2022

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After Paladins, your best bet is none other than the Mage Class in Wraith of the Lich King Classic. Unlike the previous, now Eternal Farming is overpower

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King in World of Warcraft Classic, many players are looking to buy many favorite items such as mounts, pets, and costumes. Gamers are also gearing up to get the necessary materials and gear to conquer WotLK Classic’s Raid content. With so many things that need to be bought, adventurers are looking for the best ways to farm as much WoW WLK Gold as possible. Players are looking for the most effective and efficient methods to get rich, mainly choosing the suitable class to grind. This guide will go over the best classes for gold making in WotLK Classic.


Paladins have insane potential and could end up being the absolute best class for gold farming in Wrath of the Lich King. Exactly how strong they will be for gold farming relies a little bit on how Blizzard does things for Wrath Classic, like for example there was an interview with Brian Birmingham a couple of weeks ago where they touched briefly on the topic of boosting, where Brian said they were looking at implementing some of the changes they added to Season of Mastery that helped reduce boosting spam in general, and one of the changes they made to Season of Mastery was that Players who kill an enemy while in a group with one or more players at a much higher level than the slain enemy will recieve significantly less experience, effectively nerfing boosting by a huge margin and making it pretty much non-existant. If they do something similar to combat boosting in Wrath Classic, Boosting will no longer be an option, but Paladins can still solo old dungeons for incredible loot and raw gold, stratholme farming and zul'farrak farming will still be pretty profitable, and having access to 10 new levels and even better gear, level 80 paladins can even solo TBC Classic Dungeons. Retribution Paladin feel incredible at pretty much all types of goldfarms, you can go retribution for insane damage and smaller pulls, or Protection for absolutely massive pulls with a slower burn effect when it comes to killing the mobs. Having access to Crusader Aura, Paladins are also really good at Gathering Professions like Herbalism Mining, so Paladins are a great choice for gold farming in and are an obvious S-tier class in Wrath of the Lich King.


After Paladins, your best bet is none other than the Mage Class in Wraith of the Lich King Classic. Unlike the previous, now Eternal Farming is overpower in WotLK as it has more locations for gold per hour.

The reason for Mage being good with WOTLK Gold Farming is their Massive Pull of Eternals or Elementals in one pull. In farming locations where there are no disruptions, you can pretty much dominate your enemies in bulk and gain massive amounts of gold per hour.


Druid is a versatile class, especially when we are talking about WOTLK Gold Farming. With Herbalism and Mining, they outshine all other builds except Paladins, as you can mount up instantly with the flight form.

You can do the Stealth Farm inside Dungeons with Druid, and in case Open World Farming becomes competitive enough, your best Farming Bet would be Druid Class.

There is also an improvement in the Boomkins in WOTLK Classic and have enhanced damage of AOE, as well as Single Target. Whereas their Mana Regeneration is enhanced, allowing for fewer breaks in Mana while you are Farming out there. When you are Farming Eternals in WOTLK, Druids can become efficient and compete with the likes of mages because of their AOE enhancements.

Death Knight

If you like Death Knight in WotLK, you can pretty much do effortless farming with them and get instantly rich. With their Pale Horse Talent, the movement speed can be enhanced, even challenging the likes of Paladins for Herbalism and Mining Farming.

A Death Knight with Herbalism running around and picking flowers is a real thing now. Like the other Classes for WOTLK Gold Farming, Death Knight can AOE Farm or single target farm at enhanced efficiency.

You can also go for the Frost Death Knight after picking the Death Knight Class and do both types of farming pretty efficiently. For survivability, you can go for the path of Blood Death Knight which is a notch-down type of Paladin Build aiming for WotLK gold farming.

IGV has recommended several best classes for you if you want to farm gold fast in WoW Classic WotLK. These classes are efficient in farming gold in the game. Their special skills or attributes are useful in the process of farming gold in WotLK. On the other hand, you can Buy WoW Classic WotLK Gold at to level up your characters quickly and complete more quests or dungeons for gold rewards.