Qatar Airways Business Class Flights

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Fly with Qatar Airways business class Flights (Qsuites) to Phuket, India, Pakistan, Africa, Middle East or Australia and Get 30% OFF on your Business Class Tickets. Book your business class flight tickets online now or Call us to get a quick quote for the cheapest airfare.

Qatar Airways Business class flights offers on all of its flights and all of its aircraft. The most common refrain that Qatar Airways business class passengers hear is "It's even more sensible than top quality on other airlines." This is a very true statement.

Qatar Airways is not one to rest on its laurels. Recently, it upgraded with two completely new business class products. A replacement Business class suite is available on Qatar Airways' upgraded Boeing 787-9 Dream-liners. This latest model is a supplement to its fleet.

Qatar Airways offers short-haul flights to GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), countries using what they call a "Business Class Cabin" as a primary product.

This allows Qsuite's business class to be operated on the airliner A350 and Boeing 777, which is the primary business class suites. It also gives them the option of having their own doors, for privacy. The Qatar Airways booking system is alerted to the Qsuite being recognized.